01 Dec Searsburg Wind Power Facility

Saturday the 29th of November was a bitter, cold day with low cloudcover, but the promise of a dramatic sunburst toward the end of the day. 3:15PM, the dogs and I decided to travel to Searsburg and investigate the controversial windmills. My instinct was right: with only a half hour of daylight left, the sun made a brilliant reappearance and lit up the massive hexagonal windmill shafts. I was surprised to see how much snow cover lay on these mountain ridges, but scurried quickly to reach the summit and get as close as I could to these colossal windmills before the sun disappeared. It was very exciting, racing with time, and approaching the ever-present sound of the whirr of the windmills.

I made it just in time to encounter their immense sharp blades silhouetted against a pink sunset. It was an exhilarating experience. They were so massive and so powerful, and seemed to churn the entire sky. I suddenly thought of Rembrandt’s painting, “The Mill,” and thought, what a wonderful point of reference in comparison for my Art of Action paintings based on this theme.