09 Jan Intellectual Indoors, or Windswept Treasure Outside?

Now that the Art of Action written proposal has been submitted, I feel as if I am embarking upon a new chapter as far as refining all of my topic narratives for this project. It doesn’t really matter that ultimately my proposal may not be selected, but what does matter is that I bring to resolution and some artistic unity to the preparatory sketches I have already made. I feel a renewed sense of enthusiasm and clarity about how I wish to design and execute the compositional designs. The process of tightening the visual design through an ever growing legacy of generations of drawings is becoming very exciting.

This very intellectual ordeal comes in the height of Winter, which forces me indoors in my studio, where I must work. I am actually taking advantage of this opportunity to paint in a studio to overcome my fear of producing semi-contrived creative encounters. Historically, I am so thoroughly devoted to painting outdoors that I have typically felt restless and cooped-up while working indoors. I have found my collection of books, oil cans, tacked pictures, and stacks of drawings to be suffocating, and I long to journey outdoors and run off and explore. I wish to stumble upon some fabulous windswept treasure, and, there, connect soulfully to its transfigurative form, submitting my will to paint more completely with each passing hour until there is no longer any daylight in which to see.

Ah….now, there is the exhilaration from such a rendez-vous, and of course traveling home with the pink light of twilight that makes me feel alive and well.