19 Oct David Brewster reviewed in the Boston Globe

David Brewster’s solo exhibit at the Nesto Gallery (Milton Academy; Milton, MA) was reviewed positively in the Boston Globe today (Thursday, October 11th, 2007). Check out page C9 of the Style & Arts section, or visit the review at The Boston Globe online.

To view the Boston Globe’s calendar listing for David Brewster’s Nesto Gallery show, click here.

The review:

from A Beat artist’s graceful fascination with form

By Cate McQuaid, Globe Correspondent…October 11, 2007

Bold expression

“David Brewster is a practitioner of the oil sketch, executing his works on site in a single session. His show in the Nesto Gallery at Milton Academy features the interiors of Vermont barns and landscapes of California deserts and Irish seas. But despite the picture-postcard topics, these works are not sweet and kitschy canvases made to appeal to art-buying tourists.

Brewster’s a gutsy painter who builds each scene one rapid gesture after the next into a restless dance. There’s a sense of the barely contained; sometimes the tension gives way to explosions.

‘Emerging Emerald Machines’ sets a tractor and a trailer, swiped with a series of diagonal marks in lush greens and blues, beneath a scaffolding of strokes that add up to a barn’s ceiling. This and Brewster’s other paintings clatter with surprising glints of color. In his world, everything seems in the process of either coalescing or dissolving; even when painting old machines in a barn, he catches a moment that will not come again.”