09 Feb Forester Blue and Friendly Broom Head

I just spied a full white moon rising below my tall house. I turned the lights off so I could better appreciate its luminous company the most comforting I have had all day. My day ended with a pleasant walk with the doggies down the newly polished logging trail .The loggers have done an immaculate job…hardly a sign of debris save a few softly shredded limbs making fodder for the new woodland bed. It was such a sparkly day out with a still wind and warm sunshine encouraging my weary winter bound spirit. I picked up a small fragment of white pine bark brushed with Forester blue….perhaps this discovery of colored tension is waking me up from a week long malaise where I have had no strength to engage my artistic powers. I have also been
asthmatic which I finally saw a doctor for last Friday. I must be a tad bit lonely these days as I entertained an unexpected visual dialog with a broom. Sunday afternoon as I pulled close to the wood stove fire with the doggies on my lap the bright green head of a synthetic broom outside the window stabbed in the snow was quite compelling. Its close proximity and similar height to my own scruffy head seemed like a reasonable candidate for a chat. Today, I made a selection of six paintings for the upcoming group exhibit “Resonance of Place ” scheduled for April at Gross McCleaf Gallery, Philadelphia .Tomorrow I will bring them to my framer in time to transport to the gallery en route to Baltimore, a planned trip at the end of this month.